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In order to complete the training, you will need the following materials:

A) A powerpoint handout (HR will give this to you)
B) An email from PHMIC for access to the first video on Harassment (HR will send this to you)

Once you have these things, please work through the powerpoint handout. The handout will tell you which videos to watch, and for each video there will be a series of questions that you need to answer. Below are the links you can use to access the videos that are mentioned in the handout. The videos are listed below in the order of the handout.

Upon completion of the handout and questions, please return the handout to HR.

Video List:
1) Harassment training, by PHMIC (a link will be sent to you via email, from “Portland Compounding Pharmacy”)
2) LGBTQ 101
3) Systemic Racism Explained
4) The Cost of Code Switching
5) Improving Your Diversity IQ
6) Eliminating Microaggressions: The Next Level of Inclusion
7) How to be an Ally in the Workplace

Once you have completed all videos and questions in the handout, please return the handout to HR. Thank you