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Testosterone Boosts Sexual Well-Being in Older Women

Postmenopausal women with low sexual desire or sexual dysfunction may benefit from testosterone therapy. There are no commercially available testosterone preparations specifically indicated for women in any country. That would be a major treatment obstacle if not for compounding pharmacies! We can help! Read on…

Here is the science: A group of researchers reviewed the medical literature between 1990 and 2018 and found 36 randomized controlled trials that included a total of 8480 postmenopausal women. The analysis showed that testosterone therapy increased several parameters of sexual function compared to placebo or other therapy, such as estrogen with or without a progestogen. Improvements were noted in satisfactory sexual event frequency, sexual desire, pleasure, arousal, and orgasm. There were also significant improvements in responsiveness, self-image, reduced sexual concerns, and sexual distress. A significant rise in LDL-cholesterol and reductions in HDL-cholesterol was seen with oral testosterone, but not when testosterone was administered non-orally (e.g., transdermally). No effects of testosterone were reported for body composition (but increases in weight were reported), musculoskeletal variables, or cognitive measures, although the number of women who contributed data for these outcomes was small. Testosterone was associated with a greater likelihood of acne and hair growth, but no serious adverse events were recorded.

Testosterone should be prescribed in physiological doses that are appropriate for women, and our professional compounding team will work together with each woman and her physician to customize the dose and dosage form that will best meet her individual needs. Your questions are welcome!

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