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Thick Yellow Toenails?

Fungal nail, technically known as onychomycosis, is becoming more common in both adults and children. Nails with fungal infections typically thicken and develop a yellow tint, and may become brittle or disfigured. Fungal nail is 10 times more common in toenails than fingernails, and almost never goes away without treatment. The growing prevalence of diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, weakened immune systems, earlier and greater participation in sports with resulting nail trauma, and vasoconstriction or low oxygen levels due to nicotine exposure increase the risk. Fungal nail occurs more often in males and the prevalence increases with age. It’s often overlooked and undertreated, creating the potential for significant complications including fungal or bacterial superinfections. Low risk topical treatments are now available but some health care providers are unaware of newer or compounded options.

We can work with your doctor/podiatrist to customize topical medications to treat fungal nail.

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