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For centuries, physicians have prescribed medications for their patients. Classically, pharmacist would follow exactly the physician’s specifications and meticulously compound the prescription by mixing the desired ingredients. As the science of medicine advanced, prescription doses and forms became standardized with the advent of medications being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Compounding became less common as pharmaceutical and insurance companies grew in size and influence.

However, physicians began to notice that not all patients responded to the standardized manufactured medicines. There was still a need to formulate, or compound, prescriptions to the individual needs of these patients. Many patients were sensitive to the various fillers, dyes and preservatives that were used in commercial medicines. Or had medication needs that were not being met by a standardized tablet. A number of pharmaceutical companies also discontinued production of important medications because it became unprofitable to manufacture them. Lloyd Central Pharmacy responded to theses special needs by continuing to carefully compound these prescriptions to the exact specifications ordered by the physician. We  strive to meet this need and serve our community.

At Lloyd Central Pharmacy, we have committed ourselves to using only the highest quality chemicals, and have a state of the art facility in order to ensure safe and accurate compounding. We operate a laboratory in our store, where our specially trained staff follow meticulous procedures in order to safely and accurately make prescription medications by hand. Our staff have undergone rigorous training, and we have educated professionals who are ready to help answer all of your questions.

We have worked hard to earn a reputation in Portland as the most respected compounding pharmacy. All of us at Lloyd Central Pharmacy look forward to working with you and earning your trust!