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Medication can be a struggle with children. They may have difficulty swallowing, or feel that the medication tastes bad. It can also be challenging to find the correct medication strength for kids, as most drugs are only available in adult strengths.

We may be able to help. Lloyd Center Pharmacy can compound medications into flavored suspensions, or as topical creams that can easily absorb into your child’s skin instead of making them swallow a pill. We currently work with all the area doctors and are a trusted member of the medical community.

As professional compounders, when mixing medications for children we consider the chemical properties of the drugs to ensure stability, potency and accuracy. The effectiveness of a drug can be influenced by the technique and equipment used during preparation, as well as the quality of the ingredients. We only order drugs of the highest quality, and compound in a state of the art facility. So you can rest assured that your child’s medication is safe and accurate!

We also work with many autistic children in the community. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to give us a call and we can chat about your medication options!