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Lloyd Center Pharmacy has a long history of working with local veterinarians to help medicate the furry friends in our lives.

Giving medicine to a pet can be a challenging endeavor. Most drugs are formulated for human strengths and human flavors. When working with our compounding pharmacy, we can help you find a medication solution that is perfect for your pet’s personality and needs. We work with many different veterinarians to help address medication problems for cats, dogs, birds, ferrets and other pets. We want to take away the stress of giving your pet medication.

Cats with thyroid disorder

As humans get older, our metabolism tends to slow down. Cats can be the opposite. Have you ever had an older cat that was constantly hungry, but seemed to actually be losing weight? If this describes a cat in your life, we recommend taking them to your veterinarian as soon as possible to be checked for a possible case of hyperthyroidism. When a cat is hyperthyroid, it causes their metabolism to work extra fast. They want to eat more food because they burn through their energy faster than normal. Since they are using more energy, they can start to lose weight and be hungry more often.

There are medications, such as methimazole, that can help treat cats who are hyperthyroid. Methimazole acts to reduce thyroid hormone levels, and return your cat’s metabolism to normal operating levels. The challenge is that methimazole is commercially available as a tablet. Cats are notoriously challenging to give pills to. There is a good chance that the cat will either refuse to eat the pill, or will throw it up behind the couch 10 minutes after taking it.

Luckily, Lloyd Center Pharmacy has a great solution to this problem. We are able to compound methimazole into a gel, so that you can give your cat the medication by simply scratching their ear. Cats have a great network of veins on the inside of their ear, so if you properly compound the methimazole medication, when you rub the medication onto their ear it will get absorbed and transported throughout the cats entire body. This saves you the pain of having to every day convince your cat to swallow a pill.

Anxious cats, territorial cats, spraying and cats who don’t use the litter box

Have you tried everything you can think of but your cat still gets in fights with the other cats in the house, or has problems with the litter box?¬†You may want to speak with your veterinarian about the possibility that your cat is anxious and in need of a medication to calm them down. Fluoxetine (Prozac(R)) is a medication commonly recommended by veterinarians to solve this problem. However, in it’s pill form, many cats will not take it. The medication has a very strong flavor which cat’s don’t like. In this case, a transdermal ear rub can be a life saver. We are able to compound a gel that you rub in your cat’s ear, which gets absorbed into the cats blood stream. This can turn a stressful daily routine of trying to convince your cat to swallow a pill, into a fun head petting routine that your cat will enjoy.

These are just a few examples of how Lloyd Center Pharmacy can compound medications for the furry friend in your life. We know that every situation is different, and we are always happy to talk with you to discuss solutions to your specific needs.