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Be a Healthy Woman!

Being a healthy woman means recognizing your own needs and taking the steps to improve your physical and mental health. It means being active, eating healthy, getting regular checkups and preventive screenings, paying attention to your mental health, getting enough sleep and managing your stress as well as avoiding unhealthy behaviors such as smoking.

We want to empower women to make their health – and happiness – a priority. Sadly, too often women are led to believe that they must endure problems associated with menopause. Hormonal imbalance can impact every aspect of a woman’s life, and because the onset can be insidious and begin years before menopause, the real cause of problems like irritability, mood swings, depression, weight gain, and lack of interest in sex is often overlooked. Instead of doing appropriate testing and treating women to restore hormones to normal levels, some physicians tell women that declining hormones are a normal part of aging, and prescribe antidepressants, addictive sleep medications, synthetic hormones and other drugs that produce side effects and simply add to the problems these women are having.

Come in and talk with our caring professionals to find out more about how to achieve hormone balance – and your health goals. We welcome your questions!