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Topical Pracaxi Oil for Scar and Wound Therapy

Scar formation varies between individuals based on factors such as ethnicity, and within an individual based on the location of the wound. Therefore, the ability to customize treatments to reduce scar formation and severity represents an important therapeutic opportunity.

Pracaxi oil contains high amounts of fatty acids, which are frequently used in the cosmetic industry and have been shown to improve wound healing. Fatty acids have lubricant, emollient, and anti-inflammatory properties, and help to restore the natural oils of the skin and protect the skin from environmental damage. Active ingredients can be added to a pracaxi oil base to decrease scar formation and increase the flow of blood to the area to aid in healing, or prevent infection. For example, EGCG (the polyphenols in green tea) may potentially accelerate the wound-healing process and prevent scarring.

Examples of wounds that responded to treatment with pracaxi oil in a published case series included traumatic injuries to the elbows, radiation burns to the head, severe facial burns on an infant, and diaper rash. The compounded topical medication was applied to new or existing scar or wound areas by lightly massaging the compound into and around the scar or wound two to four times daily for 48 hours to 3 weeks based on the size and severity of the wound or scar. In this study, six of the seven wounds examined by a dermatologist were considered “much improved” from baseline.

This is particularly exciting for people with conditions such as diabetes, which inhibits the wound-healing process. The ability to add these types of active ingredients to pracaxi oil base may allow for the treatment of more severe and more complex lesions, such as burns and diabetic ulcers.

If you have a scar, wound or burn, contact our compounding pharmacist for more information.


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By prescription, we can customize a pracaxi oil preparation by adding ingredients that meet each patient’s specific needs.

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