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Restoring Vitality – Testosterone Replacement for Men

We want to keep our community up to date on the newest studies and recommendations. In September 2015, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists issued a position statement that testosterone replacement should be considered for treatment of symptomatic men who have low total and/or free testosterone levels based on at least two early morning blood samples. Epidemiologic studies (which examine the cause of disease) associate low testosterone levels with cardiovascular events and death and note that testosterone-replacement therapy improves cardiovascular risk factors, including reduced fat mass, increased muscle mass, and decreased insulin resistance.

A multicenter randomized controlled trial found that testosterone replacement therapy was associated with significant decreases in waist circumstance and serum triglyceride; with significant increases in muscle mass, serum hemoglobin, and a positive effect on erectile function.

Another study reported that the benefits of restoring serum testosterone in men with low testosterone levels were similar in men older than 65 years of age and younger men. Also, there were no indications that side effects were more severe in elderly men.

Our compounding pharmacist works together with men and their physicians to customize therapies that meet each individual’s unique needs. If you or a man you care about is experiencing a loss of physical or mental vitality, ask our pharmacist how we can help.

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