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Spring Break? Planning your Summer Vacation? We can help with customized medications and “vacation friendly” seasonal preparations.

Often, vacation planning raises concerns of how an antibiotic or other medication will be refrigerated when traveling. We can compound individual doses that are easy-to administer when traveling.  When stability or refrigeration is a concern, we can prepare individual doses of drugs in an effervescent powder base that hides any bitter taste and is easy to mix when needed.

Keep in mind that high temperatures can lead to breakdown and loss of potency of many medications. Also, PLO gels become thicker at higher temperatures. Do not leave your medications locked in a hot car.

Prone to motion sickness? We can compound various medications that help to prevent motion sickness as transdermal gels, troches, lollipops, or flavored liquids. Ask us about preparations containing ginger. If dyes are a concern, we have color-free flavors.

Stings and Bites? We compound gels to help relieve pain and itching from bug bites, including those from chiggers and red bugs.  Our creative compounders can also prepare a sting neutralizer solution which can be used for any type of sting which results in an acidic substance being injected into the skin.

Don’t forget your “best friend”. Fleas thrive outdoors in the summer. Use flea and tick protection on your dog, but if your dog does suffer from flea bites, we can work together with your veterinarian to provide a topical medication to reduce the itching.

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak – Ask us about preparations that relieve pain, itching and inflammation caused by exposure to poison ivy/sumac/oak.  Also, a homeopathic solution known as Rhus-Tox has been shown to prevent reactions to plant irritants, but must be started very early in the spring.

Remember your sunscreen and LIP BALM WITH SUNSCREEN to protect yourself from overexposure.

When you get too much sun, remember us for customized preparations to relieve inflammation and sunburn pain. We can compound lotions containing aloe vera to help to heal the skin, and prepare lip balms containing a natural anti-viral that can be used at the first sign of a lip lesion to minimize the development of or speed the healing of lesions that occur after too much sun exposure.

Want to look your best in that bathing suit and sandals? Ask us about

  • anti-cellulite cream. Help restore the smoothness of youth.
  • preparations to help with weight loss and fat reduction.
  • topical anti-fungals containing penetrant enhancers to get rid of ugly fungal infections of the toenail (most common on the big toe).

Sharing a hotel room and concerned about snoring?  We can compound a spray that many have found useful.

Embarrassed by excessive perspiration? This can be very problematic during all seasons, and “hyperhidrosis” can affect not only the armpits but the palms of the hands and the face/forehead. We can compound a helpful solution.

Sensitive to aluminum? We can compound aluminum-free antiperspirant/deodorant sticks and sprays.

Plan ahead! call our compounding professionals for your travel needs. We work together with patients and other health care practitioners to  customize medications that meet specific patient needs.

Article provided as a guest post by Storey Marketing. All rights reserved.