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Medicine too Good to be True?

Good doctors and good pharmacists care about their patients. They ask patients questions and listen to the answers, and then often collaborate to determine the best way to treat each patient. It may sound too good to be true, but that is just how things work every day in our pharmacy!

Our compounding pharmacist can customize medications in the best dosage, strength, form and/or flavor for each patient. It’s “back to the future” and is what pharmacists did prior to the middle of the 20th century when drug manufacturing surged, and pharmacists often became “dispensers of medicine”. Compounding allows us to create “just what the doctor ordered”, often combining medications that work together and provide a greater benefit than either drug alone, while allowing the patient to receive smaller doses of each drug, which can reduce side effects.

Every patient is different, so “one size fits all” medications are often not optimal. If you:

  • have allergies to dyes, gluten or lactose
  • have a problem that is not responding to commercially available medications
  • experience intolerable side effects when taking a medication that you need


Our specially trained professionals can formulate medications that contain the drug you need, but not the inactive ingredients like dyes and preservatives that often cause problems and are not essential to the therapy. Customized doses and changes to a medication’s route of administration can influence efficacy and side effects. Have questions? Please ask us.

In future newsletters, we will discuss the advantages of various types of medications, and more ways that we can help to solve your medication problems.

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